was formed summer 1992. Christophe (bass), Chris (drums), Jeepee(guitar) and Funkey (synths) play toghether in a band called "THE SOAP" , and have their first and only gig at the "BRUL" event, (St. Baafsabdij, Ghent), as support act for the Hybrids.

was called after a dustcloud, at the edge of our solar system. According to the theories of J.H.OORT (*) comets originate there... (* Dutch astronomist, early 20th century). The name was brought up by Matthew, who occasionaly joined the band on stage for some additional percussion.

Besides the Soap's rehearsals, several jamsessions take place at Funkey's . On july 9th 1992, Kris (guitar) and Alan (percussion and vocals), come to Funkey's, to try to make some reggae tunes. Christophe and Chris drop in, play along, and so the group is a fact...

The first try out gig was on newyearseve '93, in front of some friends. play a few more gigs, then do a first studiosession. Out of this comes the first demotape called OORTCLOUD 1.

This is followed by the first line up change...(Chris Lybeert, our first drummer, is replaced by David van Belleghem, now playing in Savana Station and Dela Vega).

This new performes for the first time on sept 17th '94. A lot of gigs are to follow.


Michiel BirgitMickey

From the first try out, always use light, projections and video's to support their spacy music. Mickey (now playing in Airun) and Birgit take care of this, most of the time.

Michiel van Poucke (playing with David in Agent Coocker) is found behind the mixing desk, when the group performs live.

On dec 17th '94, play at the concerthall "VOORUIT". (this is one of Belgium's most important concert halls). It was more or less at that time Fifi ( didgeridoo), and Jens ( toasting, for only a few months) joined the band .


Shortly after this perform their first gigs abroad. The absolute highlight was the concert at the Whitstable Assembly Rooms, UK.

A few months later is selected by STUDIO BRUSSELS,(Belgian National Broadcasting Company's youth orientated radiochannel), to take part in a contest called "Debut Rock". Although the band did not send their tape for this purpose, they felt it was quite an honour to be selected out of hundreds of other bands and to represent STUDIO BRUSSELS in a contest. Our drummer's other band "LOOPLIZARD"was selected as well.

During the next period, Natasja (percussion) joines , as Alan starts to travel constantly.

The Raindances tape

Natasja and Christophe(now playing with Jan in Los Bastardo's del Bronco)

Next, London based "Hypoxia records company" offer the group to put 2 songs on one of their "New Smoking Classics"compilation CD's. Bit at that moment, stops existing. Kris Van Daele, our beloved guitarplayer and singer, decides to move to Ireland. Does this mean the end ???

No, not really appears on a BRTN television show called "PRETTIG GESTOORD". Jan van den Berghe replaces Kris as a guitarplayer for that show, and Jeroen replaces Fifi as didgeridooplayer

Another concert was given at 't KOMPAS, Sint-Niklaas. Kris ,visiting Belgium, and Jan play together on stage... This was on april 26th '96. Jan van den Berghe joins the band for a while, but he has other priorities...
starts looking for a new guitarplayer, and do some auditions. Nobody was found that could in their eyes replace Kris. For a short while, and apart from a few jamsessions, the bandmembers stop playing together...

On newyearseve2003 perform again. 10 years after their first gig. Alan, Funkey, Kris, Christophe,Fifi and David are all there, as well as the Oortposse that was always present at the gigs. This was amazing experience. The band was playing for hours. Unfortunately the show was not recorded. A few months later the group did another gig. Due to technical problems, te gig was somewhat of an anticlimax, but still had some great moments.

We do not know what the future will bring, but some of themembers would still like to get the Cloud floating again...It would take some effort ; Alan lives in New Zealand, Kris in Ireland and Fifi in France...



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If you do not have a real player, you can still listen to a short sample if you click on the load button beneath ...It is a small fragment from "Open Di Gate", an Oortcloud song recorded live on sept 2nd 1995 in Bottelaere Belgium. This song was almost always used as an intro for the concert


The sample is a low quality 8 bit mono sample. It is in the .WAV format. (435KB)